Screening of the top 19 works from the four-day
international projection mapping competition!

The world's premier light entertainment in Tokyo for the first time!

2021.12.9 THU / 10 FRI / 11 SAT / 12 SUN (4DAYS)







TOKYO LIGHTS is a festival of light (hope) that will illuminate Japan and the rest of the world from Tokyo, starting this winter!

Asia's Largest International Projection Mapping Competition,「1minute Projection Mapping」, will be hosted in Tokyo for the first time ever in history! The Projection Mapping artworks of the top creators will be projected at the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in the Meiji Jingu Gaien, an important historical and cultural property. Artists from all over the world will compete with each other to create unique works, which will then be judged rigorously by a panel of International Experts and Industry Celebrities who will determine the winner for the most excellent and marvelous work in the world.

The light entertainment and shows will be created by Hiroyoshi Uruma, who served as a Creative Director for the closing ceremony of the TOKYO 2020 Paralympics and is highly regarded both in Japan and worldwide, by composing a fabulous and intriguing light and sound experience.

Experience the extraordinary and hope for the future in a photogenic world of the world's best images and coruscating lights!

A new poetic tradition exhibiting fluorescence into Tokyo's winter season begins right here!

From the city of Tokyo to the world. A new project that delivers hope and excitement with the Power of light!

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Winners of the 「 1minute Projection Mapping Competition 」2021

The winners of the Tokyo Governor Prize, TOKYO LIGHTS Prize, Jury Prize, TokyoTokyo Prize, and Audience Prize for 「 1minute Projection Mapping Competition 」2021, have been selected!

Tokyo Governor Prize


THE FOX, THE FOLKS / Indonesia



Romera Diseño e infografia SL (Los Romeras) / Spain

Jury Prize

「 Arco Iris 」

Felix Frank /Germany

TokyoTokyo Prize

「ジダイノテ Hands of New Age」

01iMAGE / Noguchi Kazunobu / Japan

Audience Prize


THE FOX, THE FOLKS / Indonesia


  • Official Ambassador

    Mai Shiraishi / MAI SHIRAISHI

    Date of birth: August 20, 1992
    Blood type: A type
    Star sign: Leo
    Height: 162cm

    In 2011, Mai Shiraishi made her debut for the idol group "Nogizaka46" after passing the first audition for the idol group. Mai was the ace of Nogizaka46 and served as the center for many of their songs. As an individual, Mai was widely active as an exclusive model for women's fashion magazines, while appearing in dramas, movies, and commercials. After graduating from the group "Nogizaka46" in 2020, Mai has been working as an actress and model, starring in dramas and movies, appearing on the covers of many women's fashion magazines, MCing variety shows, and opening her own YouTube channel.
    Mai’s movie "Lie Eater" is scheduled to be released on February 11, 2022.

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1minute Projection Mapping Competition

First launched in 2012. Asia's largest and ninth Annual International Projection Mapping Competition「1minute Projection Mapping」is finally coming to Tokyo! The Tokyo competition received a record breaking 246 entries from record high 54 countries and regions around the world.
A number of magnificent 1minute Projection Mapping Works, selected through a rigorous selection process, will be displayed at once on the screens of the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, for the public screening and to determine the most intriguing and award-winning work!
Voting for the Audience Award will also be conducted on the Web.

In addition, for the opening special video, all participants will be given 3D glasses to experience the new projection mapping with a 3D effect.

Main MC for the open judging and award ceremony (December 12)

Daimao Kosaka / Comedian・Producer

Debuted in 1992 as a comedian in the comedy group "Bottomless AIR-LINE". Producer of Pikotaro. Kosaka is a CCC ambassador for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and a Xenovation Promotion Ambassador for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Currently active in a wide range of fields, including variety shows, appearances on information programs as a commentator, and talk sessions on music and entertainment with top runners from around the world.

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  • Light Entertainment

    A 100-meter-long stellar laser tunnel along with a staggering symbolic pillar of light will be installed in the softball field to evoke a staggering sensation when witnessing the illumination phenomenon formed through the laser lights.
    We will also hold an entertainment show that combines performers with latest high performance Laser Technology.


    Light is the beacon of hope for the future

    City of Lights, Tokyo.
    Tradition & Innovation. Analog & digital.
    Tokyo is a city where diverse values dynamically intersect and new values are created every day.
    This energetic spirit has become the charm of the city and has made it one of the world's leading entertainment cities.

    Dedicated to all those who couldn't fulfill their promises, those who couldn't meet, and those who continued to search for light without giving up, despite various restrictions.

    A new symbol for winter Japan.
    An exulting and inspiring experience for Tokyo illuminated with brilliance.
    A hope to make the world shine and create a new icon for Japan.

    From Tokyo to the world.
    The light of hope will illuminate the future, and a new kind of light entertainment will be born.

  • program01


    A 3D experience of light where you can bathe your senses in state-of-the-art laser and fiber beams.
    Experience the Japan's longest immersive light laser tunnel, measuring 100 meters, combined with acoustic technology.

    The Beginning of the Journey of Light-Introduction

    Similar to the surface of a river, gleaming particles of light flow and envelop your entire body.
    When the light that shines glitters into microscopic world, the gentle and warm sound will advance you to a space that blends you with the great nature.

    MIRAI SANDO is a tunnel of light that allows you to reflect on yourself and feel your heart by breaking yourself down to the atomic levels. It is a tunnel of light that prepares us to think about the future, our families, friends, and lovers. In order to regain our past self, we are guided to the destination that the light invites us to.

    By going through the various forms of gates, which transcends race, gender, age, and all other barriers, we are walked and guided through the destination of light to face our own hearts and regain our true selves.

  • program02


    Light entertainment that fuses the real world with virtual reality!
    A show that will open the door to a futuristic style of entertainment from Tokyo! A style that has never been seen before, combining realistic performers, video technology and cutting-edge laser technology!

    Journey of Light - Chapter 1

    Beyond MIRAI SANDO, when you look back at yourself...
    A space where you can experience a renewed sense of relationship with others

    Beyond all barriers, regardless of race, gender, age,
    People all over the world pray for each other's happiness.
    The Lion Dance is a traditional art form that has been performed since ancient time to express gratitude for the blessings of nature and to wish for a disease-free healthy life.
    Through the ceremony that arranges a modern version of the Japanese "lion dance" as a template, the participants will be able to imagine a bright future together and be grateful for their relationship with others.

  • program03


    Installation with visitor participation

    Journey of Light - Chapter 2

    Wishing for 「someone's happiness」 to live together.
    This monument is a symbol of this event that collects and shares hopes and prayers from all over the world.
    The hopes for the future drawn by visitors will shine in the night sky.



  • Venue

    Meiji Jingu Gaien, Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and Rubber-ball Baseball Ground
    (1-1 Kasumigaoka-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

    ※We recommend visiting from Aoyama 1-chome or Gaienmae.
    Please note that we do not have a parking space, so please use public transportation.



    Hiroyoshi Uruma

    Hiroyoshi Uruma is the General Director of 「 STAR ISLAND 」, an entertainment show that fuses Japanese traditional fireworks with advance technology. Hiroyoshi has performed across all over the world, with the well-recognized performances in Singapore and Saudi Arabia. For the 2019 Paralympic Games in Singapore, Hiroyohi created fireworks display consisting of 500 drones, which thrilled the 500,000 attendees with its astonishing display.

    Hiroyoshi specializes in immersive and dynamic multimedia entertainment shows that combine live performance and technology. Hiroyoshi is also active in a wide range of artist live performances, original shows, and promotional events.

    In 2015, 「Precious SKY FASHION SHOW feat. GUCCI」 received「1st JACE Event Award for Advertising Impact」.
    In 2017, 「Futuristic Fireworks Entertainment STAR ISLAND」 won 「Cool Japan Matching Forum 2017 Judges' Special Prize」 by the Cabinet Office.
    In 2020, 「CONTACT」, a spectacular show in the night sky using 500 drones, received「6th JACE Event Award, Grand Prize, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award」.
    In 2021, Hiroyoshi joined the production team for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games as a Creative Director.



    Yamachang started his career as a laser lighting designer in 2000.
    Yamachang’s activities range from corporate installations and entertainment shows to illuminations, live stages, and dance music festivals, where he designs spaces based on light.
    With the methods of "color = melody" and "brightness = rhythm" as the axis, the improvisational operation cultivated through many years of activities gives the audience a cutting-edge impression.
    Yamachang seamlessly links and expands the use of analog and digital equipment, and develops audiovisual systems and drone lasers to create a wide range of unconventional expressions.
    Belongs to the creator group『REALROCKDESIGN』.


    [FIBER BEAM DESIGNER] Daiki Kodama / KAST Co., LTD

    A Japanese engineer fascinated by the beauty of LASER light, belongs to KAST Co.
    From the research and development of MADE IN JAPAN LASER equipment, Daiki has been involved in a wide range of LASER productions for concerts, stages, plays, and events.
    In recent years, he has succeeded in researching and developing 『Fiber Beam』, a light that is both sharp and extremely safe even if it enters the human eye.Taking advantage of the safety of Fiber Beam, adding movement and rotation of the light source through the robot arm, Daiki proposed 『Beam Twister』to revolutionize the production of light.


    [Composer] Fz / sfpr / Radical Hardcore Clique

    Active in two bands, "sfpr" and "Radical Hardcore Clique," which develop borderless sounds that move inextricably between electro and rock, and has also worked as a music producer for many top artists in Japan and abroad. Fz has also worked as a music producer for many top artists in Japan and abroad. In particular, Fz’s unique worldview combining Gagaku and Western music has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad, and in 2018 he began producing music for stages and events that incorporate soundscapes such as "Panasonic Immersive Entertainment Booth at CES 2018" "STAR ISLAND" "Agency for Cultural Affairs Strategic Art and Culture. Fz has also served as music director for "Japan Live Yellow Project," "Songs of Hammering Fire," and other projects. Fz is also one of the composers for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


    [Art Designer] Naoya Murayama

    Naoya Murayama started his career as an art designer in 2006.Since then he has been active as an art designer mainly for TV programs such as variety, music, information, and sports. Naoya’s activities are not limited to television, but also include art direction for live performances, events, and stages. He has created a number of spaces based on the theme of "design with a story. Naoya has worked with a number of directors to create new content by creating spaces that defy conventional concepts. Naoya is affiliated with Fuji Television Network, Inc.
    Noaya was in charge of the set design for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


    [Video Director, Programmer] Motoi Shimizu / BACKSPACE Productions Inc.

    BACKSPACE Productions Inc. is a production team of artists and programmers with a common initial impulse of digital art, new media art, and DIY spirit.
    Based on their advanced programming skills and experience in a variety of special fields, each member works on various scales in fields such as individual art production, interactive installations, live entertainment such as large-scale music performances, audio-visual, research and development, and hardware design and creation. BACKSPACE Productions Inc. works on any scale, in any field.
    BACKSPACE Productions Inc. strength lies in their ability to stay fresh by maintaining a production style in which each member is organically connected to the others, and to not only create content such as video, but also to implement the "frame" and "mechanism" in which the content fits.


    [Choreographer] Noriko Suezawa / N company

    Noriko Suezawa moved to the United States at the age of 19 to study dance.
    In 2018, Noriko established the dance studio N company.
    In 2019, Noriko participated in the World of Dance (WOD) championship 2019 held in the United States.
    In 2019, Noriko’s choreography team「N’ism」won the first prize at the World Of Dance championship 2019, and her work has been recognized worldwide.
    Noriko Suezaz is a leading figure who has incorporated avant-garde jazz works into the world of streets and established street jazz as a genre.
    Noriko also choreographed and produced the team 『Nifty』 that won the championships in both Super Kids Dance Contest and Dance Attack, a contest that is considered to be the highest premier kids dance contest for elementary, junior high and high school students.As part of her efforts to spread her jazz worldview to the dance scene, Noriko has established the dance studio 'N'COMPANY in her hometown Kobe, and is working day and night to train future generations.
    In 2021, Noriko Suezawa will be in charge of choreography for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

  • CHOREOGRAPHER (Lion Dance)

    Choreographer : Makiko Izu

    Born in Nagano, Japan, Makiko Izu was exposed to ballet at an early age, and in 1994 she was first introduced to contemporary dance at Art Tower Mito – where she later in the fall of 2000 adventures to France for a year. Ever since her returning to Japan, Makiko has been a member of the dance company Ito Kim + Shining Future since 2003, and has been involved in the art group GRINDER-MAN since 2005 in which she has been directing and choreographing various works. Makiko specializes in choreography that focuses on adding details such as eye contact and breathing to everyday movements such as standing, walking, and falling, as well as building dynamic movements that make us feel the weight of the body. In recent years, Makiko has expanded her activities beyond stage productions to even further on events such as STAR ISLAND, choreography and staging instruction for musicians and artists, and choreography and appearances in music videos and music videos


    [Costume Designer] Hirosumi Saito / Woora Front

    Born in 1981. While playing an active part as a performer in club culture in Tokyo, Hirosumi Saito started making costumes by applying his sensibilities of ikebana that he started in his childhood.
    Hirosumi has worked on numerous costume designs and stylings based on the concept of "deformed extraordinary" for commercials, famous artists, movies, theme parks, and the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


    [Textile Artist] HANYU NATSUKI

    Hanyu Natuski creates a fantastic space through her textile works. Originally a fashion textile major at Joshibi University of Art and Design, Natsuki got keen interest in the relationship between textiles and the body. Most of her creations are wearable, based on the idea that materials become more interesting when people move, and that the fluidity created through movement of materials can make people's movements more beautiful and fascinating. After graduating from university, Natsuki moved to England. At the Foundation Course at Central Saint Martins, Natuski became fascinated with materials other than cloth and broadened her choice of materials. After completing the course, Natsuki went on to master her craft at the Royal College of Art in the UK, where she completed her textile studies in June 2021. Since then, Natuski has continued to collaborate with artists and dancers to create daily works of art.


    N'ism : hanabi,YU-RI,SAYA

    Formed in 2017 by choreographers.
    Consists of 12 members in total, ranging from junior high school students to university students.
    They have been learning dance under NORI since they were children, with the youngest being 5 years old.
    They have a unique worldview that mixes acrobatics with Jazz dance.
    In 2019, they represented Japan in the world dance competition and won the first place in the world.
    Attracted attention not only in Japan but also in the world.


    Silver Lion and Golden Lion (from the contemporary performing arts "Lion and Human")

    Golden Lion: Keita Nakamurakko (Creative Drum Group Shin), Daichi Teruya (NEO Ryukyu)
    Silver lion: Sho Yoshida (NEO Ryukyu), Go Akamine
    Lion Cooperation
    Lion Supervisor : Hitoshi Taguchi (GRINDER-MAN)
    Visual Design : WOW Inc.
    Lion Sculpting Artist : Zoichiro Matsuoka
    Lion Sculpting Assistant : Kiyo Nakamura, Jinro Momose

    The contemporary performing arts project "Shishi to Ninjin" is a project to create a new digital culture and viewing experience based on the lion dance, which is widely practiced around the world. The two modern lions, one silver and one gold, were designed using 3D modeling and 3D printing. They are brought to life by Okinawan lion dancers. The gorgeous movement of stillness and motion invites the viewer to a solemn experience.
    The project was presented in November 2020 from Ginosa Village in Okinawa via streaming AR (Augmented Reality) and one-camera work, and will be available for a fee via Vimeo On Demand in June 2021. While intersecting the dynamics of physical expression and the fiction of CG images, it will connect the world we live in with the digital world we know.

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1minute Projection Mapping Competition

  • General Producer

    Michiyuki Ishita

    Creative director, space designer, director, video creator
    Graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Space Design
    President, Projection Mapping Association of Japan
    Representative Director of Colors Creation Co.
    Representative Director of NIGHT WAVE Co.
    Part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, Digital Hollywood, Onomichi University, etc.

    Michiyuki Ishita has worked extensively in Japan and abroad as an artist who sees images as light and expresses space dynamically and fantastically. As a planning producer and director with an artist's perspective, Michiyuki has been involved in many unique projects. Michiyuki has been involved in many special projects such as art events, exhibitions, music videos and entertainment shows, and continues to produce unique works.
    Michiyuki has also contributed to the promotion of projection mapping by establishing a professional organization and networking with creators in Japan and abroad. Michiyuki was one of the first in Japan to work with projection mapping on buildings, and has been producing international conventions and exhibitions, staging stages and live performances, and developing business and human resource development such as seminars and workshops for regional development. Michiyuki is a leading international projection mapping expert who has been invited to produce, lecture, and judge at many international festivals and national projects overseas, including the 1-minute Projection Mapping international competition - he has been involved in since 2012.
    In addition, his "NIGHT WAVE - Light Wave Project", in which Michiyuki makes the waves on the beach glow blue, is attracting attention both in Japan and abroad as a new method of tourism, and he Michiyuki also been involved in "MEDI-ARTz" and "Media Butterfly in ARITA", which are art events focusing on media art, and "Light in Genbi", a night walk project using Genbi Gorge in Iwate Prefecture. He is also involved in a number of tourism projects and productions that take advantage of the unique characteristics of each region, such as the "Light in the Back of Genbi" night walk project using the Genbi River in Iwate Prefecture.

  • Curator

    Fumio Nanjo

    Fumio Nanjo graduated from Keio University with a BA in Economics (1972) and a BA in Aesthetics and Art History from the Faculty of Letters (1977). He has worked for the Japan Foundation (1978-1986) and other organizations, and has been Deputy Director of the Mori Art Museum since 2002, and Director from November 2006 to 2019. In the past, he was a commissioner for the Japanese Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (1997) and the Taipei Biennale (1998), a member of the Turner Prize Jury (London, 1998), the Yokohama Triennale (2001), and the Singapore Biennale (2006/2008). He has also served as artistic director of the Yokohama Triennale (2001), the Singapore Biennale (2006/2008), general director of the Ibaraki Prefecture North Art Festival (2016), editorial director of the Honolulu Biennial (2017), and director of the Kitakyushu Future Creation Arts Festival -ART for SDGs- (2021). His recent exhibitions at the Mori Art Museum include "The Future and Art: AI, Robots, Cities, Life: How People Will Live Tomorrow" (2019-20). He is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums) and AICA (International Federation of Art Critics).

  • Artist, Interaction Designer, Programmer, DJ.

    Daito Manabe

    Established Rhizomatiks in 2006.
    Daito Manabecreates works by reinterpreting familiar phenomena and materials from a different perspective and combining them. Rather than aiming for rich expressions such as high resolution and high realism, he focuses on the intrinsic interest of phenomena, bodies, programming, and computers that can be discovered through careful observation, as well as the relationship and boundaries between analog and digital, real and virtual, and works in a variety of fields.
    Daito Manabe has worked with various artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bjork, OK Go, Nosaj Thing, Squarepusher, Andrea Battistoni, Mansai Nomura, Perfume, and Sakanaction, as well as with the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics and CERN (European Centre for Research in Astrophysics) in Manchester, England. He has collaborated in a wide range of fields, including with various artists such as Andrea Battistini, Mansai Nomura, Perfume, and Sakanaction, as well as with Jodrell Bank Astrophysics Centre, the National Institute of Astrophysics in Manchester, England, and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).
    Daito Manabe has received many awards in Japan and abroad, including the Ars Electronica Distinction Award, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Titanium Grand Prix, D&AD Black Pencil, and the Grand Prize at the Media Arts Festival.

  • Film Director / Director

    Katsuyuki Motohiro

    Born in 1965. Born in Kagawa Prefecture.
    Made his theatrical debut in 1996 with his first film, "July 7th, Sunny.
    In 2003, his film "Bayside Shakedown 2: Shut Down the Rainbow Bridge! became the highest grossing Japanese film (live-action) of all time.

    Katsuyuki Motohiro also directed the stage version of the movie 『The Curtain Rises』(written by Oriza Hirata and starring Momoiro Clover Z) released in 2015. His recent stage works include "Stage PSYCHO-PASS: Virtue and Vice" and others.
    In the 50th anniversary drama of HTB, 『Channel wa Tsumame!』won the "Grand Prix" in the television category of the 2019 Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards. His recent works include the movies 『Ajin』(2017),『Beautiful Dreamer』(2020), and『Brave』(2021).


    Kento Tomiyoshi. Masato Ikumizu

    FLIGHTGRAF is an audiovisual unit based in Tokyo.
    Since 2013, they have been mainly involved in creating installations using video, sound, and light, with the aim of providing audiences with exciting experiences.
    In 2013, they won the Grand Prix for 1minute Projection Mapping. Since then, they have won numerous awards at international competitions such as Cercle of Light in Russia, Genius Loci Weimar in Germany, and iMAPP in Romania. Their global activities are not limited to projection mapping, but include commercials, music videos, stage performances, and concerts.

    Makoto Shozu
    Sound Designer / Sound Design / Composition / Concept Designer / Curator
    Graduated from German Music University and worked at Wave Studio until 2013. After becoming independent, he has been active in the local film, advertising and entertainment industries. Makoto Shozu’s films have been screened at the 66th International Cannes Film Festival, the 2015 International Munich Film Festival, the 2017 Hamburg Film Festival, and the 2017 International Planetarium Festival in Jena, Germany, where his film "Nachtmahr" won two awards for the first time. In 2016, Makoto Shozu joined Flightgraf as a sound designer.

  • Master Projection Designer / President of BARTKRESA studio

    Bart Kresa

    Bart Kresa has created projections for major corporations, movie studios, and multimedia conglomerates, including Oprah Winfrey, Paramount Pictures, the Grammy Awards, HBO, General Motors, Warner Brothers, FOX, and ABC. He has also worked with various government agencies and multinational teams around the world, including committees in Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Italy, Ireland, and his native Poland, and is dedicated to raising public awareness of humanitarian causes through his work. He has played a major role in the development of the industry by working with international artists and producers, consulting for Panasonic, and actively giving lectures and workshops.

    BARTKRESA Studio
    The industry's foremost projection mapping studio, specializing in the development of unique projection solutions across the globe.
    By combining timeless artistry with industry-leading projectors and adhering to the highest technical standards, they develop stunning immersive projection environments that create stunning large-scale augmented realities.
    Bert Kulesa, Founder and Master Projection Designer, combines over 25 years of industry experience with unparalleled expertise in developing captivating projection experiences. Together with his design teams in Japan and Poland, he has won the highest award of the "International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions". Clients include Universal Studios, Disney, ABC, HBO, Fox Entertainment Group, General Motors, Warner Brothers Studios, T-Mobile, the Grammy Awards, Playboy, Oprah Winfrey, Fredericks of Hollywood, Bulgari, CCTV China Central Television, and government agencies.

  • Visual Artist

    Joanie Lemercier

    French, born in 1982
    Visual Artist and Environmental Activist

    Joanie Lemercier’s work involves manipulating light in space to affect human visual perception. Primarily using light projection and computer programming, he alters the appearance of everyday objects and forms, bringing reality into his imagination.

    In recent years, Joanie Lemercier has become increasingly concerned with climate change and environmental degradation, and has used his projection skills and artistry to help activists and groups such as Extinction Rebellion, as well as working on a new series of works looking at the devastating effects of coal mining on one of Europe's oldest forests. He is working on a new series of installations, The Hambach forest and the Technological Sublime, which focuses on the devastation of one of Europe's oldest forests by coal mining.

    Joanie Lemercier has been working with light projection since 2006, co-founded the acclaimed visual label AntiVJ in 2008, and has been represented by a New York-based gallery since 2010, and established a creative studio in Brussels in 2013.

    Focusing on installation and gallery work, Joanie Lemercier has exhibited his work at the China Museum of Digital Art in Beijing, Art Basel Miami, Sundance Film Festival, and Espacio Fundacion Telefónica in Madrid. Joanie Lemercier has also collaborated with various sound artists such as Murcof, Flying Lotus, and JayZ.

  • Previous Winner

    Julia Shamsheieva

    Julia Shamsheieva is a 3D and motion designer from Odessa, Ukraine, and a member of the Designers Union of Ukraine since 2012.
    Julia has participated in various light festivals around the world. Julia won the Grand Prize at Circle of Light (Moscow, Russia) and 1minute Projection Mapping (Odawara, Japan). She is also known as the first single female grand prize winner.
    During her time at Sila Sveta, she gained experience in stage design and had the wonderful opportunity to work on some of the world's top projects.
    Julia is committed to expanding boundaries, communicating ideas using new technologies, developing time and space, exploring new techniques, and surprising audiences with her work.

  • GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR Managing Director

    Hendrik Wendler

    Born in 1970
    Hendrik Wendler studied architecture and design at the Bauhaus University Weimar.
    With a strong interest in media, computer graphics and events, he created a large-scale event with Kulturstadt GmbH in 1999 - when Weimar became the European Capital of Culture.

    Wendler then worked for a design firm for several years. Wendler has created concepts, interactive visualizations, and 3D animations, and has won multiple red dot awards for her interface designs.

    Since 2004, Wendler has been teaching interface design and computer graphics at his alma mater. He has created prototypes of software that runs much faster than traditional solutions.
    This software will revolutionize VJing, mapping and video mapping. The software was funded by the European Union and has been marketed as a media server since 2006.

    Developed the concept for the "Genius Loci Weimar" festival, organized by the state of Thuringia and the city of Weimar. The internationally renowned festival has been running since 2012 and is a unique event that combines the historical heritage of the city of Weimar with the beauty of the contemporary medium. Since 2017, he has participated in other initiatives and festivals as a speaker, curator and jury member.

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  • How can I participate?

    Please make a reservation through Livepocket.

  • Is there an age restriction?

    No, there isn’t! However, please note that there will be flashing lights in some parts of the venue, so parents/guardians are requested to pay close attention to preschool children.
    If you purchase a seated ticket, there is no need to make a separate reservation for children under 3 years old, if they are seated on your lap.

  • Can I purchase ticket(s) on the day of the event?

    No, there will be no tickets available to purchase on the day of the event. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance before coming to the venue.
    No one without a ticket will be allowed to enter the venue.

  • What is the difference between the first and second part?

    There is no difference! The content displayed for audience to enjoy and experience remains the same.
    In order to avoid congestion in the venue, the available time is divided into two parts.

  • How many tickets can I reserve with one application?

    You can reserve up to 4 tickets!

  • What should I do if I have made a reservation and I can’t attend or decide to not attend the event?

    Please go to the ticket reservation site Livepocket and cancel your reservation.

  • Will the event be held even if it rains?

    Yes, the event will be held even if it rains. However, the event will be cancelled in case of stormy weather.
    We will announce updates of the event on our official website, so please be sure to check the website before coming to the venue.
    If you are unable to come to the event due to rain, you will need to make another reservation on the reservation site for another day.

  • Can I use an umbrella when it rains?

    For the safety of the audience, please refrain from using umbrellas while watching the International Projection Mapping Competition and light entertainment. Rain gear such as a raincoat is allowed.
    Please note that rain gear will not be sold at the venue so please bring your own rain gear!

  • What are the hours of the events each day?

    December 9 - 11, 2021: Part 1: 16:30 - 18:45 Part 2: 19:00 - 21:00 (2 parts will be switched each day)
    December 12, 17:30-21:00 (one performance of the International Projection Mapping Competition + Public Screening and Award Ceremony)

  • Are there checkroom or locker?

    No, there are no lockers. Please be aware to take care of your baggage by yourself.

  • Will there be food and drink booths?

    No food or drink is allowed. In principle, please refrain from bringing in food and drinks.
    Please note that there will be no booths selling such items.

  • Is it appropriate to save up space?

    No, it is prohibited to avoid congestion during the event.
    Blue sheets, chairs, etc. cannot be brought in or used.
    Regarding admission restrictions when the venue is crowded, there is a possibility that some admission will be restricted depending on the congestion situation in the hall. So please be aware of it.

  • Do you have blankets or other winter gear available for rent?

    No, we do not supply any for rent. Please bring your own warm clothes, blanket or other winter gear.

  • How to access or get to the venue:

    Please check the access map for details.
    7 minutes walk from Aoyama-itchome Station
    7 minutes walk from Gaienmae Station
    15 minutes walk from Shinanomachi Station
    We recommend that you come from Aoyama-itchome or Gaienmae.
    *Please note that there are no parking spaces available, so please use public transportation.

  • Can I come to the venue through my own private car?

    We do not allow guests to center the venue through their own private car.
    This is because we do not have any parking spaces available, so please use the public transportation.

  • Is it allowed to take pictures?

    You may take as many photos and videos as you like!
    However, please pay close attention to the reflection of the people around you.
    We are not responsible for any accidents or problems that may occur between participants.
    *Please refrain from bringing a tripod.

  • Can I visit the exhibition with/in a wheelchair?

    Yes, you can!
    If you wish to reserve a seated seat, please contact us using the inquiry form.

  • Countermeasures against coronavirus infection

    We ask that you wear a mask, disinfect your hands, take your temperature, and register with COCOA.
    For details, please refer to the website on measures to prevent infection from coronavirus.

    Regarding admission restrictions when the venue is crowded
    There is a possibility that some entrance restrictions will be imposed depending on the crowded conditions in the venue.
    *Please be aware of this in advance.

※Please be sure to check the ticket site for other precautions including before coming to the event.

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Notes about the event

※ The link to the digital questionnaire will be sent by Livepocket. Please check the link to the digital questionnaire in the confirmation email sent by Livepocket.
※ In order to prevent infectious diseases, please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue. Please refrain from bringing food and drinks into the venue. Please note that we do not sell food and drinks in the venue.
※ Age limit: 3 years old and above, ticket required. If you wish to watch the "1minute Projection Mapping Competition" seated, children under 3 years old can watch on your lap.
※ Depending on how crowded the venue is, we may have to temporarily limit the number of people who can enter the venue. Please be aware of this in advance.
※ Please note that the name and emergency contact information registered at the time of ticket purchase may be provided to public institutions such as the public health department if necessary, such as in the event of an outbreak of infection among visitors. Please be aware of this in advance.
※ Please be aware that you may be asked to move your seat for the sake of seating management.
※Please use public transportation when coming to the venue. Please do not park illegally and do not cause any inconvenience to the neighbors.
※ Please note that from some seats and areas it may be difficult to see the performance.
※ Congestion is expected for the restroom in the venue. Please be aware of it.
※ Please note that smoking is not allowed in the venue premises.
※ If you are planning to visit the venue in a wheelchair, please book your ticket in advance and contact us as soon as possible. Please note that wheelchair space is limited and you may be asked to sit in a seat. Please note that there is limited space for wheelchairs.
※ Seat-grabbing or saving seat spots is prohibited.
※ The secretariat will not be responsible for any theft, loss, injury, or trouble between customers in the venue. So please take care of your items.
※ The contents and schedule of this event may be changed or canceled without notice due to weather, natural disasters such as earthquakes, and other circumstances. Please note that under such circumstances we do not guarantee the transportation expenses of the customer. Please be aware of it in advance.
※ The event will be filmed and recorded by the media, and will be broadcast live on the 12th, so please be aware that you may be videotaped.
※ When taking pictures at the event, please be careful not to include other people in the pictures, videos, or audio you take and when you publish them on the Internet.
※ When entering the venue, please wear a mask, take your temperature, disinfect your hands, and take other measures to prevent infectious diseases.
※ Pets are not allowed in the venue. (Except for assistance dogs).
※ Please follow the instructions of the staff and attendants in order to ensure safety and the enjoyment of other visitors. Please be advised that you may be asked to leave the venue if you fail to follow the instructions."

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About Efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus

This event will be held in compliance with the guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. Therefore, only visitors who agree to the following will be admitted to the venue. Those who do not agree will not be allowed to enter the venue.

・ Please wear a mask at all times in the venue.
・ Please disinfect your hands before entering the venue.
・ Temperature will be measured at the entrance. If you have a fever (37.5℃ or higher), you will not be allowed to enter the venue and admission will be refused.
・ Registration to the coronavirus contact confirmation app "COCOA" is required.
・ Please help us by registering for TOKYO WAKTION.

Participants with any of the following conditions will be strictly prohibited to enter the venue.

・ Has symptoms such as fever (37.5 ° C or higher), sore throat, headache, arthralgia (joint pain), suffocation, difficulty in breathing, cough, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, and dysgeusia (taste disorder)
・ Have a family member or close acquaintance who is suspected of being infected with novel coronavirus
・ Have traveled to a country or region where the government has imposed entry restrictions or required a post-entry observation period within the past two weeks, or if you have had close contact with a resident of such a country

*Please read the precautions carefully before coming.