Festival of Light Area

“Lighting choreographer,” Minoru Fujimoto from MPLUSPLUS, who has staged the LED effects for the opening ceremony of international events, Shuhei Matsuyama from THINK AND SENSE, and other top creators from diplo, PRISM, and SC Alliance have joined hands to create this Festival of Light.
The theme music for the area has been composed by Ray Kunimoto, with the entire area produced by Masasuke Hayakawa from IMAGICA EEX to create a completely new, never-before-seen experience.

AREA MAP title


Theme for November

In November, "TOKYO BLUE," with its main theme being "Indigo Blue," will be showcased. It will depict the essence of "Edo chic" and "Japan Blue" through the use of light. Additionally, the indigo blue, often referred to as the "color of victory," will adorn the festival as a symbolic hue representing the Winner's Exhibition where past international competition grand prize winners come together.


Visitors will be welcomed to the festival by two massive, radiant gates standing two meters high and eight meters deep. This, together with motion graphics at TOKYO LIGHTS and 3DCG images produced under different themes for September and November, will create an immersive, otherworldly experience. The Festival of Light begins the moment you step through the gates.


This installation, created by Minoru Fujimoto from MPLUSPLUS, is rooted in the theme of “light connecting a divided world.” An expression of Tokyo’s skyscrapers and sweeping subway lines, this tower of light stands tall as a symbol of the Festival of Light area. Extending out from the stage, light awakens hope and the imagination of the audience.


Ten performers will use MPLUSPLUS’s original LED ribbons, masks, umbrellas, flags and other illuminated items in a dance performance on the stage of LINK TOWER. This dance performance is a masterpiece, evolving with the times and experiencing a further awakening with modern technology.
3 performances each day
1st 17:10~17:20
2nd 18:25~18:35
3rd 19:45~19:55
IMMERSIVE WALL Artist: THINK AND SENSE / Ryosoku-in Temple
With a giant wall standing 15-meters wide on two sides and four meters high, this immersive space produced by Shuhei Matsuyama from THINK AND SENSE uses AI-based technology to generate 3D images with point cloud data, creating an expression of tradition and nature.In the November, in collaboration with Vice Abbot Ito Toryo of Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, we will create a Zen experience throughout the entire space.
PLAY GROUND Artist: diplo / PRISM
This space uses a combination of laser sensors and projection mapping to generate a diverse range of interactions. Patterns are created in the footsteps of people’s movements, and colors of images change, creating an enjoyable experience. The smooth, green barrier-free space serves as a nighttime playground for people of all ages.


A limited menu is available in the dining space in this area, created together with RED U-35 (RYORININ's EMERGING DREAM U-35). Visitors can enjoy food creations developed on the concept of “light” in cooperation with chefs Kazutoyo Inoue and Masato Tamamizu, who are both affiliated with CLUB RED.


Produced by Chef Kazutoyo Inoue

Edomae Tantan Ramen (1,000 yen)

"Edomae Tantan Ramen" is a fusion of Szechwan's signature dishes with Edomae seafood, prepared by the head chef of Szechwan Restaurant Chen, which inherits the taste of Szechwan Restaurant.The central ingredient of Dandan noodles are fishes caught in the Edomae sea (unused fish containing fish boxes) and are made into Szechwan-style teriyaki and topped with toppings. The noodles "TOKYO BLUE" with the theme of ""BLUE" emphasizing the seafood feel and depth of flavor.

Qi men hong cha Pudding (500 yen)

"Qi men hong cha Pudding" is a creamy, slightly sweet pudding made from Qi men hong cha , one of the world's three most famous teas. The clear and bright light blue color expresses "TOKYO BLUE"

Produced by Chef Masato Tamamizu

Hachimantai Salmon Gratin with Ogasco Flavor (1,000 yen)

”Hachimantai Salmon Gratin with White Sauce Ogasco Flavor" using Hachimantai Salmon (Iwate Prefecture) and "Ogasco", a special seasoning from the Ogasawara Islands, Tokyo. The "TOKYO BLUE" is expressed with a crisp cream sauce made with "blue" lemon and "blue" chili pepper and topped with aonori (green seaweed).

Fukagawa-style clam chowder with Tokyo Bay clams (500 yen)

”Fukagawa-style clam chowder with Tokyo Bay clams”, a variation on Fukagawa nabe, a specialty of Fukagawa, Tokyo This hot soup is made with plenty of Tokyo clams, white onions, shiitake mushrooms, and vegetables, and is mildly seasoned with white miso paste.

Chef profile

  • 2016 RED EGG (Grand Prize)
    Szechwan Restaurant CHEN (Tokyo)

    Kazutoyo Inoue

    Born on August 13, 1981 in Akita Prefecture, Inoue is the head chef at Chinese style Szechwan Restaurant CHEN (Tokyo). He joined Szechwan Restaurant in 2011 and was assigned to Szechwan Restaurant CHEN (Tokyo), where he has worked to support the restaurant since it opened its doors. Inoue has entered challenges in different competitions, winning a number of awards, including the gold prize in the hot vegetables and seafood category at the All Japan Chinese Cuisine Competition for Young Chefs in 2004.

  • 2021 BRONZE EGG
    Wine Restaurant Le Conte (Tokyo)

    Masato Tamamizu

    Tamamizu was born on June 1, 1986 in Mie Prefecture. After graduating from the culinary arts department at Ohka High School, known as the “high school restaurant,” he trained at Le Bamboche in Ise City and worked as a chef de partie at two-star Le pré in France. After time at recte in Daikanyama and sanmi in Toranomon, Tamamizu took on the position of chef at Le Conte. A certified cosme concierge and aesthetic nutrition advisor, he is an advocate for healthy cooking.

TOKYO Dream Fireworks
Ricoh has developed a “paper app” communication tool that enhances the fun of drawing and allows users to experience the surprise and excitement of seeing their drawings come to life. TOKYO Dream Fireworks, this year’s booth, is planned and managed by NPO Origami, a volunteer group of students. Pictures drawn on the themes of the future and dreams become colorful fireworks lighting up Tokyo’s night sky and provide a memorable experience for visitors.