Special menu on offer in the Festival of Light area created in collaboration with the next generation of chefs


 Boxed bento lunches will be sold and kitchen cars will be on site in the Festival of Light area, in a collaboration with RED U-35, one of Japan’s largest competitions for the next generation of chefs.


The boxed bento lunch has been prepared by Kazutoyo Inoue, head chef at Chinese style Szechwan Restaurant CHEN (Tokyo), who has arranged the traditional Japanese dish of “nanban” for the Tokyo palate. Two items are available for sale: “Spicy Hot Chicken Nanban Bento” (¥1,500) and “Refreshing Lychee Pudding” (¥500). Chef Inoue plans to use Tokyo GAP vegetables, an acronym that stands for “Good Agricultural Practices” in the “Spicy Hot Chicken Nanban Bento.” He will also shine a spotlight on glossy and shiny ingredients, such as paprika and sauces, and cooking techniques to express the concept of “light,” a key word for this event.

Chef Masato Tamamizu from Wine Restaurant Le Conte, which opened in Fuchu in March 2022, is in charge of food for the kitchen cars. Taking inspiration from “gyudon (beef bowls),” a world-class Japanese dish, Chef Tamamizu has prepared a French-style “TOKYO GYUDON SANDWICH” (\1,000) for sale. He will use Tokyo beef to create this tasty spicy and sour flavored dish. The kitchen cars will also sell “Chilled Tokyo Vegetable Ratatouille with Red Plum Vinegar” (\500), a Japanese twist on the famous ratatouille dish from the south of France. The red plum evokes an image of the rising sun of Japan, and the dish is topped with vegetables grown by farmers in Tokyo’s Tama area.