Projection Mapping

Screening of works from International Projection Mapping Competition

In the 10th year of the 1-Minute Projection Mapping Competition, one of the world's largest international projection mapping competitions, the 19 finalist works were projected in the Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery in Meiji Jingu Gaien.

After reviewing the candidates, eight domestic and foreign experts decided on the winner for each prize last September. The Grand Prix (Governor of Tokyo award) went to EPER DIGITAL from Hungary which presented a refreshing performance combining simple colors and 3DCG synchronized with fast-paced music. DecideKit from Thai won two prizes, the semi-grand prize, and the audience award, for their beautiful work with the motif of the growth and change of butterflies. Germany's RESORB won 3rd place (Jury's special prize) with an ambitious work that used AI algorithms to express the generation of life. Ukraine's Kurbas Production presented the beautiful ethnic patterns that externalized the painful situation surrounding their nation and achieved the TOKYO TOKYO award.

In the second half of the projection, a new work by THE FOX, THE FOLKS from Indonesia, who won the Grand Prix last year, and artwork by Yuta Okuyama, an up-and-coming young creator recommended by Daito Manabe, will be screened. Both are young creators in their 20s who will lead the next generation, so please pay attention to these two works shaking up the art world.

The winners of "1minute Projection Mapping" for 2022: The Governor of SECOND PRIZE (TOKYO GOVERNOR PRIZE), JURY PRIZE, Tokyo Tokyo PRIZE, and AUDIENCE PRIZE!


「Elemental constructions」 EPER DIGITAL(Hungary)


「Owari (終) ・Tsuzuku(続)」 DecideKit(Thailand)


「Mutate / Evolve」 RESORB(Germany)

Tokyo Tokyo PRIZE

「Resistance」 Kurbas Production(Ukraine)


「Owari (終) ・Tsuzuku(続)」 DecideKit(Thailand)

2022 Finalist Projects

「Simulation Hypothesis」

「Two prisms of life」

「Joy and Glory」
From Object To Studio(Thailand)

「Red Seed」
Ari Dykier(Poland)

「for you & for me」

「A touch of life」
Stefan Vidović Visualia Group(Croatia)

「Floating Life」


「Rain Of Life」
Segal Media(Iran)

「結 -yui-」

「The fact of the life」
Chema Siscar by Momap studio(Spain)

「Life is the flower of desert」
Dolphin animation(China)



「Lightwheel 2677」
Epoch Power(China)

Invited Works


We are all born from the same source, we all live and learn from our surroundings.
Sometimes it takes courage to dream and to do something different, something no one else is doing.
We must have a clear idea of what we want to accomplish and make the utmost effort to face any difficulties or problems.
First, we must realize that our greatest enemy is ourselves and face it.
Accept where you are, where you belong, and who you are.
Let us be prepared to start moving toward the stars, to shine, and to contemplate the difficulties ahead.
And take pride in the fact that we have overcome all difficulties.
Everyone sees us shining to get closer to our own dreams.
We break out of our molds in every area.
And then we move on to the next dream. Because, after all, we are the shining stars of our own lives.

Yuta Okuyama

We focused on the organic behavior of the system itself, which interacts with each other and maintains equilibrium as if it were alive.

This work attempts to find beauty in complex interactions by constructing a computer simulation of an object composed of primitive shapes, visualizing and exaggerating its response to force and the resulting movement's effect on space.

1minute Projection Mapping Competition
Competition Judges

  • 映像クリエイター、空間演出家、クリエイティブディレクター、

    Michiyuki Ishita

    Representative of Projection Mapping Association of Japan, Representative Director of Color’s Creation Inc. and NIGHT WAVE Inc.
    As an artist who perceives images as light and expresses space dynamically and fantastically, he is widely active in Japan and abroad, and has been involved in many unique projects as a planning producer and director with an artist’s point of view. In addition to working on the “1minute Projection Mapping” international projection mapping competition since 2012, he has been a leading international expert in projection mapping, giving lectures and serving as a judge at international festivals abroad and for domestic projects.

  • クリエイティブ・ディレクター、プロデューサー、キュレーター、コンサルタント

    Gill Minervini

    Creative director, producer, curator and consultant with more than 30 years experience in festivals and large-scale event direction. Known for her innovation, creativity, inclusiveness, financial effectiveness and strategic direction, Gill delivers memorable experiences that increase visitation and build profile for destinations through creative activity.  She directed major event programs such as the Lunar New Year Festival, the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of China; Art & About Sydney, an international public art festival; and Sydney’s Christmas Celebration, which attracts over 2 million people annually. She was appointed Festival Director of Vivid Sydney in March 2021 and will direct the 2022 festival, which attracts more than 2.5 million people.

  • 東京藝術大学長

    Katsuhiko Hibino

    Born in 1958 in Gifu City, Japan. Katsuhiko Hibino has graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.
    1982: Grand Prize of the 3rd Japan Graphic Exhibition
    1983: Grand Prize of the 30th ADC Awards
    1986: exhibition at Biennale of Sidney, Australia
    1995: exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia, Italia
    1999: Grand Prize of the Mainichi Design Prize
    2015: Award in the Arts Promotion of the Agency for Cultural Affairs from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Since 2007, he is a professor at the Tokyo University of the Art and he became the president of Tokyo University of the Arts on April 1st.
    Other important positions include Director of the Museum of Art (Gifu), Director of Contemporary Art Museum (Kumamoto) and Chairman of the Social Contribution of the Japan Football Association.

  • アーティスト、プログラマ、DJ

    Daito Manabe

    Artist, Programmer, DJ. Daito Manabe has established Rhizomatiks in 2006. He catches familiar phenomena and materials from a different perspective and creates works by combining them. Rather than aiming for rich expressions such as high resolution and high presence, he explores phenomena that can be discovered with careful observation, like the essential interest of the body, programming, computers themselves, and the relationships and boundaries between analog and digital, real and virtual. Focusing on lines, he is active in various fields.

  • クリエイティブディレクター


    Specializing in immersive multimedia design and entertainment Melissa enjoys living outside of categories, but goes by the title Creative Director most often. Her work focuses on the seamless blending of live performance and digital arts with a diverse portfolio that spans from the underground club scene, to some of the world’s biggest shows and events. Her role as leader and innovator at Moment Factory, the renowned multimedia studio, has evolved with the company since its beginnings in 2002. As a key-member of the award-winning team, Melissa specializes in creating awe inspiring content for the stage and public spaces.

  • クリエイティブディレクター


    Yuri Kostenko is a co-founder and CEO of Front Pictures, a creative studio focused on delivering immersive experiences and visual technologies for stage shows, museums, and planetariums worldwide since 2003. The company’s portfolio includes projects for such brands and organizations as Ferrari, Mercedes, LG, Coca Cola, Mastercard, Eurovision Song Contest, and America’s Got Talent. In 2017, Yuri co-founded Kyiv Lights Festival, Ukraine’s biggest open air festival of light and media arts. He is also an active member of communities promoting immersive media entertainment and a frequent speaker at the IMERSA summit, IPS conference, Fulldome UK, Integrated Systems Europe, and other events. Yuri was also a jury member at the Ukrainian Event Awards 2013, and the Brno Fulldome Festival 2018.

  • 体験設計・演出家

    Haruka Furuya

    Tokyo-based multimedia director and experience designer based on her theatrical practices in Germany, UK and in Japan. A Graduate of University of Bristol : Department of Drama. Always with the mixtures of several media such as body, space, moving images and engineering, Haruka designs non-verbal, empathetic and magical experience for various occasions – such as live stages, window displays, social event, educational TV program, child book, toy, music video and TV commercial…and more. She designs any kind of interface where the people call it as “experience”. Joined a creative complex ‘stu.inc’ , she designs borderless experience and stories between real to virtual, cyber to physical to sublimate them to new standard and new culture. As she learned from her childhood and academic time in Germany and in UK, her creativity and interest is always focused on empathy and emotion common to all humankind.

  • マルチメディアチーム


    THE FOX, THE FOLKS is a multimedia team based in Bandung, Indonesia. They have been involved in various animation projects both domestically and internationally. Besides Animation their works include Music Video, Video Mapping, advertisements, and others. In 2018 THE FOX, THE FOLKS was founded when Fadjar Kurnia (Visual Artist) and Rafico Lingga (Animator) decided to leave their respective workplaces. At first, they had known each other since the college of Visual Communication Design ITB with a specialization in Multimedia. Due to the common vision and interest in moving images in various media, they decided to establish an animation team. Focusing on 2D style and Story Telling, THE FOX, THE FOLKS is determined to bring fresh visuals to the industry and tell a tale that can be enjoyed by everyone.