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Efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

The new Coronavirus outbreak prevention guidelines will be observed and implemented at the event. Therefore, only those who agree to the following conditions will be allowed to enter the venue. Those who do not agree with the guidelines will not be allowed to enter the venue.

*Please wear a mask (preferably non-woven cloth of reliable quality) at all times while inside the venue.
*Please disinfect your hands before entering the venue.
*Please take your temperature at the entrance. If you have a fever (37.5℃ or higher), you will not be allowed to enter the venue.
*Please refrain from talking loudly and cheering during the event.
*Please cooperate in registering with "TOKYO VACTION".
In addition, on the days of the event, we will strictly refuse admission to the following people

*Those who have symptoms such as fever (37.5°C or higher), sore throat, headache, joint pain, breathlessness, difficulty breathing, cough, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, or taste disorder that makes the taste of food seem bland at the time of taking temperature at home.
*Those who live with a family member or close acquaintance who is suspected to be infected.
*Those who have traveled to a country or region where the government has imposed entry restrictions or required a post-entry observation period within the past two weeks, and those who have been in close contact with people living in such a country or region.

*Please read the precautions carefully before coming to the event.

Environmental Measures

Electricity used on the day of the event is generated in-house so as not to impact the power supply or add additional load. We also use biofuels for some of the fuels, thereby promoting low-carbon initiatives.

We also utilize electricity from fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) to promote understanding and widespread use of reducing, creating, and storing electricity.

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