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Finalists’ Work

Meet the winners of the Tokyo Governor Prize (Grand Prize), TOKYO LIGHTS Prize (Second Prize), Jury Prize, Tokyo Tokyo Prize, and Audience Prize at the 2021 “1minute Projection Mapping Competition”!

Grand Prize:


Second Prize (TOKYO LIGHTS Prize):

“ALEGRIA” Romera Diseño e infografia SL (Los Romeras) (Spain)

Jury Prize:

“Arco Iris” Felix Frank (Germany)

Tokyo Tokyo Prize:

“Jidai no Te -Hands of New Age-” 01iMAGE, Noguchi Kazunobu (Japan)

Audience Prize (and winner of the Grand Prize):


Finalists’ Works


[Hz] Giovanni Zapata &AndrésGarcía(Ecuador)



「Matsuri Blooming」

Subjeck x Yan(Thailand)


AVA Animation & Visual Arts Inc.(Canada)

「Humanity ‘s Savior – 人類の救世主」

iineStudio (Guillaume Pinto)(Japan/France)


Parapluie Studio(Thailand)



「the Thousand Paper Cranes」

Alex Bianciardi, FullFrames(Italy)



「Red Ball」




「Cyber Future」

EVM ART(Ukraine)

「Hold On, Pain Ends」

Rebel Overlay Ltd(United Kingdom)

「Dum Spiro Spero -Get up-」



MØJØ Studio(Portugal)

Guests’ Works

「Panta Rhei A Vivid Meditation」

Bart Kresa Studio(バート・クレサ スタジオ)


Julia Shamsheieva(ジュリア・シャムシェイエワ )

Festival of Light area

  • program01


    Experience the world’s longest immersive laser tunnel of light, measuring 100 meters, combined with acoustic technology in this 3D light experience where you can bathe your senses in state-of-the-art laser and fiber beams.

    Prologue: The beginning of light’s journey

    Particles of light, flowing and shimmering like the surface of a river, envelop you completely. The light that bathes your entire body breaks you down into a microscopic world, while gentle and warms sounds propel you to a space where you blend into the vast wilderness.

    MIRAI SANDO, a tunnel of light that allows you to reflect on yourself by breaking you down to the particle level, prepares you to think about the future, the family members you live with, friends, and others you love.
    As we go through gates of different sizes and shapes, we transcend race, gender, age and all other barriers, walking to where the light guides us to face a simpler version of ourselves.

  • program02


    This entertaining show of light is a blend of the real world and virtual reality with actual performers, video technology, and cutting-edge laser technology, marking the beginning of a unique, never-before-seen, futuristic entertainment experience in Tokyo.

    Chapter 1: Journey of Light

    Reflecting on yourself beyond MIRAI SANDO’s tunnel of light, you find a space where you can experience a renewed sense of your relationship with others, one that transcends all barriers, regardless of race, gender, or age, and where people the world over wish happiness for each other.
    The Lion Dance is a traditional art form performed since ancient times to express gratitude for the blessings of nature and to express our hopes for a life of good health. Through a ceremony arranged in a modern version of the Lion Dance, we can imagine a bright future together and be grateful for our relationships with others.

  • program03


    Interactive installation with visitors
    Objects of light are decorated with our hopes and wishes for other people’s happiness, instead of our own.
    These hopes for the future, drawn by visitors each in their own way, shine bright in the night sky.