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Finalists’ Works

2Meet the winners of the Tokyo Governor Prize (Grand Prize), TOKYO LIGHTS Prize (Second Prize), Jury Prize, Tokyo Tokyo Prize, and Audience Prize at the 2022 “1minute Projection Mapping Competition”!

Grand Prize (Tokyo Governor Prize):

“Elemental constructions” EEPER DIGITAL (Hungary)

Second Prize (TOKYO LIGHTS Prize):

“Owari / Tsuzuku” DecideKit (Thailand)

Jury Prize:

“Mutate / Evolve” RESORB (Germany)

Tokyo Tokyo Prize:

“Resistance” Kurbas Production (Ukraine)

Audience Prize:

“Owari / Tsuzuku” DecideKit (Thailand)

2022 Finalists’ Works

「Simulation Hypothesis」

「Two prisms of life」

「Joy and Glory」
From Object To Studio(Thailand)

「Red Seed」
Ari Dykier(Poland)

「for you & for me」

「A touch of life」
Stefan Vidović Visualia Group(Croatia)

「Floating Life」


「Rain Of Life」
Segal Media(Iran)

「結 -yui-」

「The fact of the life」
Chema Siscar by Momap studio(Spain)

「Life is the flower of desert」
Dolphin animation(China)



「Lightwheel 2677」
Epoch Power(China)

Invited Artists' Works


We are all created from the same source to live and learn from our surroundings, but sometimes we have a dream, and it takes courage to be different and go against what everybody else is doing. We must have a clear mindset on what we want to achieve and commit to it—going through every obstacle and problem. Before going further, sometimes we must realize and face the fact we are our own biggest enemy. We must accept where we are, where we belong, and who we are. From here on, be prepared to launch ourselves to the stars and shine, reminisce about our hardships, and be proud of every obstacle that we have overcome as everybody watches us shine and move closer to our dreams, blasting out to every universe and version of ourselves. And in the end, we move on to the next dream. Because, after all, we are the stars of our own life.

Yuta Okuyama

Focused on the organic behavior of the system itself, which interacts with each other and maintains equilibrium as if it were alive, this work attempts to find beauty in complex interactions by constructing a computer simulation of objects composed of primitive shapes, visualizing and exaggerating their reactions to force and the resulting impact of their movement on space.

Festival of Light Area

  • Prologue: PORTAL of LIGHT

    The journey of light begins as you pass through a portal of light that leads you from the everyday world to an extraordinary one. The flickering, twinkling lights, enveloped in neon colors connected to a multimedia installation, evoke the sensation of gradually melting into this world of light, beyond which the TOKYO LIGHTS artwork-designed logo appears.

  • Chapter 1 The Sea – AWAKEN THE SENSES –

    A sea of light appears, combining Japan-origin cutting-edge fiber beam technology (special lasers) and visual effects. Projected images of sea creatures create the sensation of swimming in the deep sea, and visitors can dive in to an immersive entertainment experience full of light and sound.

  • Chapter 2 The Forest – FEEL THE VOICES –

    Nature is where the past, present, and future coexist. Listening to this forest of light, one can feel the voices of the diverse life forms that watch over and coexist with us. Performers from Japan and abroad express the beauty of life through graceful and brilliant performances, creating a mystical space.

  • Chapter 3 The Sky – CONNECT WITH THE WORLD –

    The last stop on our journey of light is a sky of infinite light. In a space designed with light objects and fiber beams, visitors can enjoy food and drinks while watching the finalists’ works in the International Projection Mapping Competition.