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International Projection Mapping Competition Winner's Exhibition

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Sembilan Matahari / Indonesia
Title: JapaNMenyala

"JapaNMenyala" focuses on the fascinating theme of "link."
This work is centered on weaving the story of the Garuda, the bird-shaped symbol that is the pride of Indonesia. The Garuda is a mythical bird that has been cherished by the Indonesian people. This illumination (Menyala in Indonesian) signifies a touching reunion that bridges and unites 11 years of friendship.
The combination of "JapaN" and "Menyala" has a profound meaning that embodies our 11-year journey of friendship; the word "NM," combining the "N" of JapaN and the "M" of Menyala, represents our SembilaNMatahari. This fusion of "NM" expresses this story beautifully.

Artist Profile

The first winner of this competition was an Indonesian team whose name means nine suns. Since then, they have quickly expanded their field of activities, winning various world-class competitions, and have created many unique videos that deal with Indonesia's unique visuals and media art works that are full of ideas. This team is now one of the top creators in Indonesia, leading the video and media art scene.

Performance Directed the video for BTS & Army 9th Anniversary
AKANMENGALIR Digital Art Exhibition, etc.


Title: Connected

The concept was inspired by the theme of the event, "LINK".
From this theme, we envisioned a life game in which life and death are observed.
When we look at the world from a bird's eye view these days, we sometimes feel as if we are being manipulated by someone.
Is there a connection, or was there already a connection?
This work aims to be an expression that asks that question to the audience.

Artist Profile

This team was the only Japanese winner of the competition, and has since continued thier unique exploration of projection mapping expression while winning numerous awards and gaining experience in competitions around the world. They have created many high-quality works with thier outstanding CG, stoic worldview, and meticulous coordination with music, and are also working on expressions using light effects and other techniques. THey are now one of the world's leading visual creators representing Japan.

Performance Permanent installation as vision art in the main lounge of 109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku (OPEN April 2023)
Mr.Children - DOME & STADIUM TOUR 2017 LED panel visual
Pikachu Mass Outbreak Choo Choo! (2019, sponsored by Pokémon), in charge of visual and sound direction, etc.


Maxime Guislain / Belgium
Title: Butterfly effect

Everything is connected. Even the simple flap of a butterfly's wings can have significant consequences.
This project explores how this butterfly affects buildings and sets off a chain reaction that evolves building facades, taking us through time and into different environments.

Artist Profile

Everything is connected. Even the simple flap of a butterfly's wings can have significant consequences.
This project explores how this butterfly affects buildings and sets off a chain reaction that evolves building facades, taking us through time and into different environments.

Performance Video production for the stage "Evangelion Beyond".
The art of the brick" exhibition (Amsterdam), TV commercial production
Nature Connects - Art with LEGO®brick", an exposition of LEGO bricks (Belgium), TV commercial production


Neba Studio / Macau

The work mixes two themes, "LINK" (2023) and "CROSS" (2015).
An ancient mythological symbol comes to our mind. It is "OUROBOROS".It is a snake that eats its tail and can be seen as a kind of link. It forms an eternal cycle, signifying rebirth, infinity, and endless connections. The snake is also a symbol of cross-cultural worship that has appeared in different parts of the world since ancient mankind. It is linked to the world, nature, death and life. All of these cross-cultural understandings are tied to one unifying concept: how man should connect himself to the world.

Artist Profile

This Macau-based multimedia studio won the first prize for its entertaining work on the theme of yokai (monsters) called "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons". The studio has produced a wide range of entertainment content with a strong sense of humor and carefully designed contextualization and production techniques. The studio's creativity is unique and gives a fun and unusual experience that is close to people's senses.

Performance Projection Mapping on Brandenburg Gate at Berlin Lights Festival 2022
Presentation of "Color is..." at Macau Lights Festival 2020 etc.


EuroVideoMapping / Germany/Ukraine
Title: Vinculum

Long ago, life from outer space came to Earth. Sharing common roots, life has evolved. The new life forms that surround us have much in common and are linked by an invisible network. Through this link we communicate and exchange information and life energy.

Artist Profile

An artist collective video production in which creators from various European countries participate. The representative is a CG creator based in Ukraine, whose technical skills with various advanced expressions such as IT and programming are highly impressive. The beautifully modeled 3DCG is skillfully designed to match the building, drawing attention to its superb expressive power.

Performance Projection of the PM show "Ghost" at Amazonia Mapping Festival, the largest art and technology event in Brazil
”TRUdentity" exhibition selected/exhibited by SearchNFTs, etc


Antaless Visual Design / Italy

We can talk about deconstructivist architecture when borders, positions and geometric rules are no longer respected in favor of freer forms and structures.
The last cultural current of the 20th century looks beyond things as they are, not destroying, but dismantling simplifications of reality.
The aim of the architects who adhered to this movement was to try to break down the integrity and stability of a building in order to achieve increasingly independent, exasperatingly cracked, distorted, off-center and asymmetrical forms.
By shaping objects and twisting and bending materials and structures, the project intends to repeat on the facade the same process of decomposition carried out on deconstructivist architectures in order to represent a space in evolution that fights illusorily against its own architectural boundaries.
Deconstruction is not just the technique or a disturbed construction, since it conceives the idea of construction.

Artist Profile

A creative production company based in Palermo, Italy, it has been involved in numerous video productions for many world-class events over the years and produces high-quality CG. The company specializes in dynamic and powerful 3DCG expression, and when combined with music, its visual worlds approach the audience with an overwhelming power that goes beyond the sensation that only projection mapping can provide.

Performance Exhibited "POSTHUMANISM" with Artificial Intelligence "Jasper AI" at GenAI Conference (San Francisco)
Grand Prize at The Art of Projection 2022 (Florida/Panasonic)


Li Cheng / China
Title: Magic Space

This work is based on the flowers that bloom around us.
Flowers and plants receive diverse energies from the earth and atmosphere to grow, bloom, and leave seeds.
There is a connection with everything behind the beauty of flowers environment. This invisible energy magically causes flowers to bloom, delighting our eyes and providing us strength and hope.

Artist Profile

An experienced Chinese CG creator who has also worked for a Japanese video production company, he is currently based in Tokyo, working on a variety of projects. His colorful, transparent and gorgeous video expression depicts an extremely beautiful world that invites the viewer into a world of fantasy. He is the first creator to win both the Grand Prize and the Audience Award in this competition.

Performance PROJECTION MAPPING Okinawa Symphony 2020 in National Theatre Okinawa
2019 ACSEE Festival (Datong, China)


Julia Shamsheieva / Ukraine

I continue the series of my works dedicated to the transformation of the world.
Japan's support for Ukraine as one of the symbols of close ties for which distance and cultural differences do not matter. Kindness knows no bounds. I want to dedicate this project to the Japanese citizen Fuminori Tsuchiko, as well as to all those who did not remain indifferent to the huge tragedy of the whole country.
Fuminori moved to Ukraine from Tokyo to the city of Kharkiv after the start of a full-scale war to help people. He hid from shelling in the Kharkiv metro along with hundreds of Ukrainians. He opened FuMi Caffe, which gives away free food every day. Sponsors are also citizens of Japan whose names are written on the wall of the cafe.
Fuminori was awarded by Presidential bounty «National Legend of Ukraine».
Only all together we can change this world.

Artist Profile

A visual artist from Odessa, Ukraine, who is now attracting worldwide attention. Having built her career in Russian production companies, she has recently been creating surreal, highly artistic, and haunting scenes with ennui faces, rabbit characters, and a pink world as her unique color. Her activities and expressions have attracted much attention due to the conflict with Russia, but she has now relocated her base to Canada.

Performance Won the Grand Prix at iMapp Bucharest - Winners League 2023, where world champions gather.
109 Cinemas Premium Shinjuku (OPEN in April 2023): Permanent installation of artwork as vision art in the main lounge, etc."


THE FOX, THE FOLKS / Indonesia

Happy? Happy! is an answer of the worlds understatement, a fundamental emotion of living beings that is sometimes forgotten. Happiness is an underestimated chain reaction of interactions; simple yet complex situations can serve as solutions. The impact of a restrained and hesitated voice becomes avant-garde, creating an explosion of joy. The show starts loudly, with a monochrome world representing the tiger's rage until its stop in between, it reflect itself, flame of its blame is irrelevant. It start to break through the negativity, it snapped 180 degrees, the tiger slowly getting happier, change its point of view. A parade start to popping out, celebrating the new journey, unwavered vision to influence and linking the emotion is a grand aspiration for the tiger. Along the way, there is always uncertainty, unpredictable path and party, but composing the suitable behaviour is a must and it might led to a new fun! Having the best blast of its life, the tiger jumping around here and there, inviting everyone to party and have fun, the beat gets faster, the crowd getting louder, despite of how chaotic it is, the positivity could not get any better.

Artist Profile

A young giant star of the Indonesian art scene who will be a focus of attention at this year's competition in 2021. Since winning this competition,they have been recognized as a winner in other international competitions and have been invited to participate in various festivals. The visuals, which combine lovely and beautiful hand-drawn animation with a uniquely Asian sense of color, are very moving.

Performance Indonesia Bertutur Opening Act / Projection of the work at Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
BBBank-Award 2023 (Germany), the best prize, etc.


Title: Fragments

The aim is to continue the discovery of what connects man and machine, the digital and the material. How the harmonization of opposites works through music on a specific object in space. All this in order to achieve the greatest impact on the audience, both musically and visually.
The artwork is based on simplicity, rhythm and the pulsating, dynamic, constantly changing harmony of primitive geometric forms.
The work does not depict or assert anything, it merely expresses the artist's inner world in such an abstract form that the viewer can immerse him/herself in for a short time and think about it further.

Artist Profile

A talented Hungarian digital artist whose victory in last year's competition is still fresh in our minds. His simple, geometric visual expressions, with their skillful use of vivid colors and strong structures, leave a strong impression on the viewer.
It has been highly acclaimed at various international events.

Performance Video Mapping Festival, a giant light festival in Lille, France
NEXXT - Museum of the Future - Dubai 2022 / Hemispheric projection mapping, etc.

Festival of Light Area


In November, "TOKYO BLUE," with its main theme being "Indigo Blue," will be showcased. It will depict the essence of "Edo chic" and "Japan Blue" through the use of light. Additionally, the indigo blue, often referred to as the "color of victory," will adorn the festival as a symbolic hue representing the Winner's Exhibition where past international competition grand prize winners come together.

Visitors will be welcomed to the festival by two massive, radiant gates standing two meters high and eight meters deep. This, together with motion graphics at TOKYO LIGHTS and 3DCG images produced under different themes for September and November, will create an immersive, otherworldly experience. The Festival of Light begins the moment you step through the gates.

This installation, created by Minoru Fujimoto from MPLUSPLUS, is rooted in the theme of “light connecting a divided world.” An expression of Tokyo’s skyscrapers and sweeping subway lines, this tower of light stands tall as a symbol of the Festival of Light area. Extending out from the stage, light awakens hope and the imagination of the audience.

Ten performers will use MPLUSPLUS’s original LED ribbons, masks, umbrellas, flags and other illuminated items in a dance performance on the stage of LINK TOWER. This dance performance is a masterpiece, evolving with the times and experiencing a further awakening with modern technology.

IMMERSIVE WALL Artist : THINK AND SENSE / Ryosoku-in Temple
With a giant wall standing 15-meters wide on two sides and four meters high, this immersive space produced by Shuhei Matsuyama from THINK AND SENSE uses AI-based technology to generate 3D images with point cloud data, creating an expression of tradition and nature.In the November, in collaboration with Vice Abbot Ito Toryo of Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, we will create a Zen experience throughout the entire space.

PLAY GROUND Artist : diplo / PRISM
This space uses a combination of laser sensors and projection mapping to generate a diverse range of interactions. Patterns are created in the footsteps of people’s movements, and colors of images change, creating an enjoyable experience. The smooth, green barrier-free space serves as a nighttime playground for people of all ages.