About Admission Tickets for TOKYO LIGHTS 2022 in November


Admission to TOKYO LIGHTS 2022 and viewing each session requires one of the following tickets, which must be reserved in advance.

A – Convention viewing area + Festival of Light area: 1,800 tickets per session

This ticket is required to enter the Festival of Light area and to view the “1 Minute Projection Mapping Competition” held in front of the Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery in the viewing area.

B – Festival of Light area: 5,000 tickets per day

Admission to the Festival of Light area. No entry to the International Convention viewing area.

※ All tickets are free of charge with a QR code. You will need to present it with your smartphone or other devices at the time of admission.

The application starts on October 17th. Applications will be closed when the maximum number of applications is reached.
Visit here to apply for tickets;