Notes on visiting on September 19


TOKYO LIGHTS 2022 is an outdoor event. Some areas are muddy due to the rain before the event. We recommend that you wear sneakers or footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, since the fixtures in the venue are very close to the guests, please bear in mind that your clothes may get polluted.

When entering the venue, we check the ticket from the Livepocket app so please prepare accordingly.

Based on the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID, it is required to fill out a medical questionnaire to grasp the contact and visitors’ information. You can also access the digital medical questionnaire from the URL in the email you received when you got the ticket or from the QR code located at the venue on the day. We will also prepare the questionnaire paper on the day, so please do not hesitate to ask for help from the entrance if you need it.

For further information, please check the FAQ section on the official website.

Thanks for your cooperation.