Ambassador announced, and the full view of the Festival of Lights area is now open to the public.


Kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe has been appointed as the official ambassador of TOKYO LIGHTS 2022, a new tradition of Tokyo and a message to the future. Continuing from last year, Daimaou Kosaka (Comedian ・ Producer) will host the International Projection Mapping competition and award ceremony. Matsuya Onoe commented, “I am honored to serve as an ambassador for this wonderful event, which sends a message to the future as a new tradition in Tokyo. I am certain that you will be amazed by the projection mapping, light art, and other light experiences that await you. Please come visit and see for yourself!” He will work as an ambassador on the official website and SNS and attend the award ceremony on September 19, the last day of TOKYO LIGHTS 2022.

TOKYO LIGHTS 2022 is being held from September 17 to 19 at Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and Meiji Jingu Gaien Rubber-ball Baseball Ground. Festival of Light Area will include digital sound art using light, music, and genuine performances, such as a 3D experience of the light that combines lasers and cutting-edge fiber beams created by director Hiroyoshi Urama. At the opening show, 「WELCOME TO NEO TOKYO-Old meets New-」, the director Urama combines projection mapping and traditional performing arts into a spectacular opening that has never been before.

Daimaou Kosaka hosts the 1 Minute Projection Mapping Competition and ceremony.

Daimaou Kosaka will open the ceremony and host the 1 Minute Projection Mapping Competition on the final day of the TOKYO LIGHTS 2022.

Opening show 「WELCOME TO NEO TOKYO-Old meets New-」

Tokyo is full of unique traditions and cultures that transcend time.

Japanese views of nature, beauty, and spirit underpinned with tradition and culture will be represented by traditional Japanese theater like Kabuki and the unprecedented modern entertainment in the show.

Festival of Light Area

The Festival of Light, a fusion of light, art, and music, will be held at the Meiji Jingu Gaien General Baseball Stadium Softball Stadium, where light art and advanced entertainment will be arranged to take visitors on a journey through the extraordinary world of light. Hiroyoshi Uruma is the overall director of the festival, and other leading Japanese creators have also gathered.

Under the concept of the Circle of Life, a light journey through the three worlds of land, sea, and air will be staged. Bold use of the venue will create an immersive entertainment space that combines digital sound art using light and music with genuine performances. Newly added this year is an eating and drinking area where visitors can enjoy food and drinks while watching the public viewing of the International Projection Mapping Competition.

Introduction PORTAL of light

A journey of light begins as you pass through a portal of light that leads you from the everyday world to an extraordinary one. Surrounded by neon colors as it links to digital sound art, the flickering and twinkling lights evoke the sensation of gradually melting into the world of light, beyond which the TOKYO LIGHTS logo objet d’art will appear.

Chapter 1 The Sea – AWAKEN THE SENSES –

A sea of light appears, combining Japan’s cutting-edge fiber beam technology (special laser) and visual effects. Projected images of sea creatures will create the sensation of swimming in the deep sea, and visitors can experience immersive entertainment with light and sound.

Chapter 2 The Forest – FEEL THE VOICES –

Nature is where the past, present, and future coexist. Listening to this forest of lights, one can feel the voices of the diverse life forms that watch over and coexist with our lives. Performers from Japan and abroad will express the beauty of life through graceful and brilliant performances, creating a mystical space.

Chapter 3 The Sky – CONNECT WITH THE WORLD –

光の旅の最後にたどり着くのは、無限に広がる光の空が登場。光のオブジェ、ファイバービームでデザインされた空間The last stop on the journey of light is a sky of infinite light. In a space designed with light objects and fiber beams, visitors can enjoy food and drinks while watching the public viewing of the International Projection Mapping Competition.