About the World’s Largest International Projection Mapping Competition


The 1minute Projection Mapping Competition is the one and only international projection mapping competition where you can see high-level and unique projects from all over the world at the same time and venue. The Projection Mapping Association, headed by Michiyuki Ishita, a creative director and scenographer active worldwide, has been organizing the competition since 2012, and this year marks the 10th. The competition features a different theme for each competition, and short one-minute projection mapping projects are gathered to compete.

The finalists selected from 241 entries from 55 countries and regions around the world will be projected on the screen of the Seitoku Memorial Picture Gallery, an important cultural property, during the event, and will also be streamed on YouTube. 19 finalists have been selected for 2022: one from Iran, Croatia, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Ukraine. The finalists for 2022 are Iran, Croatia, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, two pairs from Thailand, five pairs from China, and three pairs from Japan, for a total of 19 entries. On the final day of the competition, an award ceremony will be held to honor the Grand Prix and other outstanding entries, and the event will be streamed LIVE to the entire world.

Official website: https://1minute-pm.com

【Themes】 LIFE
【Scheduled Screenings】 Opening Act / *Finalists’ projects / *Special guest projects by two invited artists
・Grand Prize(Tokyo Governor Prize)
・Second Prize(TOKYO LIGHTS Prize)
・Jury Prize
・Tokyo Tokyo Prize
・Audience Prize
【Finalists】19 works